Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

MCT Donor List

Annual Campaign Donors between September 1, 2013 - September 1, 2014

Gifts with an asterisk (*) indicate a donation made to our 40th Anniversary Campaign.

To see a complete list of memorial gifts given to MCT. Visit our memorials page.

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre gratefully acknowledges the United Performing Arts Fund, our single largest donor, for its annual support of over $166,000.

Platnium Tier - ($5,000.00 + )

Keith and Paula Anderson*

Jerome and Deborah Aronson Theatre Education Fund (click here for details and full donor list)

Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation*


City of Milwaukee Arts Board

Donald A. Cress*

Mary Ann and Lloyd Gerlach*

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Michael and Lyn Hamilton*

The Herzfeld Foundation*

John E. Holland

Johnson Controls Foundation*

Arthur and Nancy Laskin

Sheldon & Marianne Lubar Charitable Fund

Guy and Mary Jo McDonald*

George and Julie Mosher Family Foundation     *

The Dental Offices of Dr. David Paris*

Deborah and Jamshed Patel*

Mickey and Casey Ripp*

John Shannon and Jan Serr

The Shubert Foundation

Tinsley Helton Trust

Wilfred W. Wollner, Jr.


Gold Tier - ($2,500.00 - $4,999 )

Lisa Kornetsky and Julie Anding*


Isabel L. Bader

Briggs & Stratton Corporation Foundation

Gardner Foundation

George and Angela Jacobi*

Konrad Kuchenbach

Robert and Theresa Muselman*

David and Julia Uihlein Charitable Foundation

Wisconsin Arts Board


Silver Tier - ($1,000.00 - $2,499)

Anonymous (2)

Baird Foundation, Inc.

Nancy Balcer in memory of Sally Marks

Dennis and Linda Bonner

Greg Chrisafis

Patty and Larry Compton

Cathy and Mario Costantini*

Roger and Regina Dirksen

Don Ellingsen*

Patrick and Julia Fennelly*

GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Inez and Gene Gilbert*

Michael and Kelly Grebe*

Patty and Mike Grebe

Katherine Hauser

Jill Heavenrich

Evan and Marion Helfaer Foundation

David Keen and Judith Perkins*

Pam Kriger

Steve Laffoon*

Phoebe R. and John D. Lewis Foundation

Linda C. Loving*

John Mahony and Evelyn Burdick

Douglas and Annette Mickelson

Morgan Stanley Foundation

Michael and Shirley Mosesson*

Elaine Peterson

Ildy and Skip Poliner

Pat and Allen Rieselbach

Jack & Lucy Rosenberg Donor Advised Fund

Dan Schley and Barb Haig*

Carol and Kevin Schuele

Marsha Ruth Sehler*

Charles and Patricia Wright

C. Michael Wright and Ray Jivoff*

Bettie Zillman




Actors' Equity Foundation, Inc.

Carolee C. Beutler

Blackbaud, Inc.

James Boerner

Cream City Foundation

Pat and Phil Crump

Polly and Giles Daeger Donor Advised Fund

Glenn Consulting LLC

Joe and Gwenn Graboyes

Peter and Sue Hitler

Andrew and Paula Holman*

Ken and Maggie Lukow

Donna and Tony Meyer

Karen and Herbert Oechler

Debbie and Jim Pavletich

Michael and Harriet Pesch*

Gordana and Milan Racic

Greg and Bibi Rosner

Ruth Schudson*

Dr. Stuart C. Tentoni

Bill & Gwen Werner Fund

Dick and Diane Wright



Jim and Terri Alioto


Richard and Sara Aster

Alan and Rose Marie Baron

Richard P. and Diana Barthel

Donna and Donald Baumgartner

Natalie Beckwith

Ralph H. Bielenberg

Mort and Barbie Blutstein*

Anne Marie and Michael Bula

Carol Z. Dolphin

John and Mary Emory

Jane M. Foster

Pat and Jerry Groth

Margarete and David Harvey

Vern and Kathryn Herman*

Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc.

Jacqueline and Jeffrey Jahnke

Nancy and Larry Kaump

Paul Kosidowski

Dale and Sandra Landgren

Bill and Judy Laste

Randall E. Lindert

Lee Marquardt

Linda and Debesh Mazumdar*

John and Linda Mellowes*

Howard and Sara Miller

Dr. Arthur Moats

Jequitta and Mark Molot

Margot Peters

Pamela Rehberg

Richard Sauer

Cary and Susan Silverstein*

Kathleen Sullo

Paul Nausieda and Evonne Winston

Katya and Igor Zelenovskiy*



Helen S. Adelt

Anonymous (3)

Scott Arbit

Judith Arnold

Marilyn M. Auer

Robert Balderson*

Maureen Baumann

Dr. Glendon Bogdon

Victoria and Thomas Bonesho*

William Bradley and Jill Anna Ponasik

Fredrik and Jill Broekhuizen

Kurt McGinnis Brown

Karen Brubakken

Barbara and Edward Cessna

Mary and James Connelly

Mary Daly and Mike Baniak

Thomas G. Derenne and Robert W. Zimmermann

Ms. Gretchen Durkin

David Flores

Drs. James and Margo Frey

Linda Gaalaas and George Gurria

Janet and Thomas Garcia

Laurence and Stephanie Govin-Matzat

Norman and Daryl Grier

Katherine Grogan

Heidi and Stephen Grow

Ellen Guiseppi

Dale Hagan

Anita Harder

Bob and Gail Helfferich

David and Mary Hertel

Sarah Kriger and Milton Hwang

Jamie Johns

Gwendolyn D. Johnson

Mary S. Kamps

Anne Klug and Harry Farchmin

Diane Lane

James Larson

Justine Leonard

Karen and Dennis Leyer

Elinor Lichtman

David and Mary Ann Lillich

Helen and David MacGregor

Paul Matthew Madden

Lois Malawsky and Dr. Jay Lorkey

Jan and Vince Martin

Jerry and Donna Martynski

Mary E. McAndrews

Raeleen McMillion

Debra L. Miller

Barbara and Charles Murphy

Jack and Lucia Murtaugh

Denis and Jeanette Nathan

Ann Navin

Allyson Nemec

Gerard M. Nottoli

John F. Oberwetter

Jane O'Connell

Claire Pfleger

Susan Ploetz

Herbert Quigley and Christine Radiske

Mary and Ross Read

Jerry Richardson

Tom and Renee Rieboldt

Ritz Holman LLP

Phil and Terry Rozga

Jo and Al Salzstein

Michael and Susan Schall

Paul Scholl

Micki and Bob Seinfeld

John Shier

Dr. Mary Anne Siderits

Katherine M. Smith

Roger and Beth Stafford

Julie and Mark Steinhafel

Eileen and George Stone

Jane B. Stroebel

The Brookby Foundation

Bruce Thompson and Laurie Geisel

Don and Nancy Tubesing

David and Pamela Van Doren

James E. Van Ess

Mr. Peter Vebber

Jim and Kathie Vint

Jerry and Donna Walsh

Alyce and Russ Weiss

Mark McQuide and Nancy Weiss-McQuide

Michael A. West



George Affeldt

Eben Alguire*

Ms. Sharon Anderson

Anonymous (5)

Judy and Steven Baruch in honor of Judy Martel

Barbara Becker

Bob Blitzke and Jane Grogan

Anne and Eric Blom

Peter and Sally Blommer

Holly Blomquist and Monique Charlier

Edith Brin

Christine Burgener

Pat and Tony Busalacchi

Linda Chernault

Ronna and Paul Conrardy

Cheryl and Michael Daniels

Gary Drescher

Janet and David Dunn

Nina and Richard Edelman

Penelope Egan

Ed Eisendrath

David and Ulla Evans

Leonard and Ann Marie Fabos

Kathy Falk and Daniel Goyette

Jordan and Phyllis Fink

Mary Fontanazza

Pamela Frautschi and Richard Ippolito

Karen L. Friedrich

Laurie Geisel and Bruce Thompson

John and Sue Gieschen

Randy Giles

Carolie Goniu

Irv and Reesa Gottschalk

Bob Greene

Jeanne and Christopher Grenda

Mary Anne Gross

Rachel and Dennis Hafemann

Edward and Dianne Halpern

Katie and Tom Heinen

Dennis Hennessey and Linda Roethlisberger

Nona Hill and Clark Johnson

Adrienne Hirsch

Carol Hoernke

Kenneth Holley*

Ronald and Helen Jacobs*

Ursula M. Jewett

Mr. Darryl Kaminski and Patricia Kaminski

James Kane

Maureen E. Kania

Bill and Judy Kay

Miriam Kerndt

Lee Ann Kingston

Sue Cleary Koch

Philip Koenig*

Sue and Werner Krause

Joy Krautkramer

Irene Kubis

Susana Lastarria-Cornhiel

Sally A. Lemke

David Lenz

Anne Leunig

Julie Luedtke

Jane Lukic*

James W. McCann

Sandra McMullin

Robert and Sandra Mendelsohn

Kirsten Mulvey

Patricia Mumm-Lovely

Kenneth and Elizabeth Nowakowski

George and Eleanor Owen

Patricia Parks

John E. Peters

Randy and Janet Peterson

Corliss Phillabaum

Warren and Dorothy Ann Phinney

Diana and Richard Pine

Roberta Piper

Mary S. Pollock

David Ritz

Peggy Rose

Kimberly Schmit

Janet Schroeder

William and Judith Shinkwin

Donald Siegel*

Shirley J. Simonson

Jane Stoltz

Hallie Suter

Judith E. Swanson*

Roberta Tacke

John and Gina Taucher

Fred and Harriet Thomson

Joseph Velednitsky*

Donna and Norm Vincent

Mark and Yvonne Wagner

Cynthia Waldbillig*

WE Energies

Bill Weida and Jane Davis Weida

Marian M. Weinberg

John and Lynn Wellinghoff

Roe WiersGalla

Daniel and Katherine Zens*